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No one is better to talk to stakeholders on a scheme than a planner

We believe that there is no one better to engage with politicians, the public and the media on planning issues than us. We understand every aspect of a scheme and can provide answers and offer solutions. Clients and stakeholders respect and appreciate our integrity and honest approach to community engagement and our record demonstrates that this approach delivers results.

Community engagement is a many-faceted process and is a key part of modern planning. Rather than a negative tick box exercise we believe that active engagement can often be an important tool and can reap rewards at every stage of the planning process. Often concerns with schemes are as a result of a lack of understand and addressing these can go a long way to nullifying objectors.

Effective media relations can help generate wider support

Engaging directly with politicians has to be carefully managed but can secure support for a scheme directly from key decision makers. Effective media relations can help generate wider support. Well planned and carefully executed community engagement can also help the draw the sting from objectors.

ShrimplinBrown have the in house skills to develop, instigate and manage community engagement. We are happy to take the lead in this important area of work or partner with other agencies to meet your objectives.

Key Services:

  • Community and political audits
  • Political relations and lobbying
  • Presentations to committees and groups
  • Discussions with local residents
  • Communications and media liaison
  • Public exhibitions and workshops
  • Statements of Community Involvement
  • Consultation websites

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